7th March 2018
Boheme Kaffebar, Copenhagen – An Honest Coffee Review
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Boheme Kaffebar, Copenhagen

Have you ever just seen a coffee shop that looks so eclectic, quirky, and all around wonderful that you’ve hesitated trying it in case the magic is broken? Well, that was me with Boheme Kaffebar in Copenhagen. I’d walked past countless times during my wanders around Amagerbro and always wanted to pop my head in, but was worried it wouldn’t live up to the completely nonsensical expectations I’d given it.

Boheme Kaffebar

But then we walked past on my last day in Copenhagen and decided to just give it a try. I am so, so glad we did because it was incredible!

First Impressions

First of all, there were five, I repeat FIVE, types of non-dairy milk on offer! Oat, soya, rice, almond, and coconut were all prominently displayed for choice. For a vegan, having this much choice available is seriously amazing – it means you can really have the perfect coffee exactly how you want it!

There was also a drinks fridge full of the widest variety of specialty soft drinks I’ve ever seen. Rows upon rows of the cutest labels from local producers made a colourful display. If I wasn’t there to serve my coffee addiction I certainly would have tried one of these.


Specialty Coffee

Okay so right off, we were greeted by a friendly barista with a smile. While she didn’t speak a lot of English, she spoke enough and I speak enough Danish that we made the transaction work just fine. I ordered drinks for us all, the usual order of one cold drink, one cow’s milk latte, and whatever I fancy on the day… this day in particular being a rice milk cortado.

Our drinks came over and I was chuffed to see my cortado was served in a little blue and white teacup. The coffee was delicious; strong and creamy, thanks to the rice milk. A very smooth brew that was easy to drink and enjoy.

boheme boheme

We sat at a reclaimed wood table and took in the surroundings. There is a small retail section with teas and hand-painted teapots for sale. The tables and chairs were all mismatched and bohemian with unique artwork on the walls. There was a general vintage feel to Boheme Kaffebar which I loved. I was surprised upon some research at how new this coffee shop was! At time of writing it was only 5 months old.

boheme boheme boheme

Vegan Food

There is a small but relatively healthy looking food menu that included a fully vegan sandwich. It had houmous in it, so I mean, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be delicious. There’s a huge range of sweet items, too, all handmade and delicious looking. I’m unsure if there were any vegan options though as by the time I’d spotted them, we were heading out the door.

boheme boheme

Thank you, Boheme Kaffebar, for being cute, cosy, and welcoming. I will definitely, definitely be back!

You can check out Boheme Kaffebar for yourself!

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  1. Nina

    Great review – looks delightful! Now I need a ticket to Copenhagen, no excuse necessary!

    • beanandbackpack

      Yes Nina!! You should definitely go to Copenhagen. I’ll meet you there 😀


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