28th December 2017
Bowl Market Copenhagen – An Honest Coffee Review
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Bowl Market Copenhagen

If you’re looking for some quality vegan food at reasonable prices and delicious coffee with perfectly steamed oat milk, it’s worth making the trip to Bowl Market Copenhagen. Located in Inner Vetserbro, this delightful cafe is perhaps a little bit out off the beaten track, but once you get there, with the cosy atmosphere and friendly staff, you’ll be glad you went.

Bowl Market

The weather was against us on the day we picked to trudge over, with rain absolutely chucking it down. It was a long (we came from Amagerbro!) walk and honestly we didn’t think we were ever going to get there. But we did and were greeted by some slightly steamed up windows and a full house. Bowl Market Copenhagen is quite a small coffee shop and was busy at 1.30 on a Sunday; we were lucky to get the three stools in front of the window.

Friendly Staff

bowl market

I’d been chatting on Instagram with Trey from Bowl Market and was looking forward to trying their coffee. When we arrived, he wasn’t there, but he did come back in during our visit because he heard I was inside. Trey’s an extremely amicable man who takes genuine pride in his business and his staff. I wish we’d gotten to talk longer but he had to head off to his son’s soccer game.

Specialty Coffee

I ordered an Oatly latte, served in a glass, from a very friendly barista and my two guys each had a hot chocolate in a cup. Fast service brought our perfectly steamed hot drinks and I sat there, happily looking out the window enjoying my delicious drink. The barista skills were on point – the hot chocolate without cream had a beautiful heart/Rosetta design and the oat latte had a near perfect tulip. Impressive!!

bowl market bowl market

The beans were from The Coffee Collective and made for a smooth brew with no real defining tasting notes for my palette. Combined with the Oatly though it was a perfectly balanced coffee and one that I would walk all those miles again for.

Vegan Food

Bowl Market Copenhagen has an incredible menu with plenty of vegan food options. Healthy porridges with endless toppings, beautiful, rich acai bowls full of heart-healthy antioxidants, and some dinner options that include a zucchini porridge! Lots of colourful, healthy choices. The only downside for me was that I spotted some gorgeous looking cookies on display but they weren’t vegan – sad times!

bowl market bowl market

Trey and Bowl Market Copenhagen, thank you for the incredibly warm welcome, the delicious coffee, and the haven from the downpour. I will be back next time I’m in my favourite city, for sure!

You can check out Bowl Market Copenhagen for yourself!

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