Haptik, Newtownards

We made the trek out to Newtownards to try Haptik one Saturday in August. Haptik is a small, locally owned coffee shop that I’ve been drooling over on Facebook for quite some time. We got there at 3.30pm and were sad to hear that they closed at 4! Though, looking back at their hours of operation, they close at 4pm every day.


We were greeted by an incredibly friendly, welcoming girl. It was raining out and to arrive to such warmth was really lovely. The shop itself was really cosy, with a few tables at the front, a big window table, and what looked like more tables in the back (this section was closed for the day already). It’s in a beautiful old century building and was decorated with a Scandinavian and Irish feel. The only thing that could have made the decor better was a big roaring fire… because it was a bit cold with the rain and an open door.


One really neat thing with Haptik is that they are an art gallery as well. They showcase local artists and have open evenings; If I lived closer I would be up for checking them out, definitely.

Vegan Food

I was disappointed to hear that they no longer have vegan sweet options (though there’s plenty of gluten free options if that is your thing!) which was a shame because I was craving a wee bit of cake. So – here’s a wee plug for a vegan baker local to Newtownards who wants to supply them! Hungry vegans with a sweet tooth want cake too! They do have a few dedicated vegan options on their food menu which is nice to see – especially because they look lush!

Artisan Coffee

The coffee was delicious. I’m a bit of a Bailies Coffee Company fangirl and knowing that is who supplies Haptik, I was expecting the coffee to be beautiful.. And it lived up to my expectations.


I ordered a latte and was pleased that it came with two shots, so I didn’t have to order an extra one! The coffee had a pleasant aroma and was very mild tasting. I ordered soy milk (they also have coconut milk available, but I don’t personally think it makes the nicest hot coffee) and my other half had cow’s milk with caramel syrup. While there was a bit of a sour taste to the blend, it was not unpleasant at all. I would definitely come back here for another coffee!


Overall, I was really happy with my experience at Haptik. I would love to go back and have a meal earlier in the day. And definitely another coffee.

You can check out Haptik for yourself!

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