10th December 2017
KaffeO Botanic Avenue, Belfast – An Honest Coffee Review
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KaffeO Botanic Avenue

Walking past KaffeO Botanic Avenue on a chilly afternoon, you see the steam fogging up their windows and with each swing of the door you get a blast of delicious coffee.

kaffeo botanic avenue

I had a dream to visit and try the Nordic brand, eat the delicious food, and be in the Hygge atmosphere. And I’ve managed to get into KaffeO three times, now.

The first time, I was very pleasantly surprised. Everything lived up to, and maybe even exceeded, my expectations.

Hygge Design

The decor is minimal. The company is a Danish/Northern Irish hybrid, focusing on delicious food and coffee rather than a lavish interior. Everything is done in white and wood with friendly statements printed on the walls. The front of the cafe is cases of beautiful looking food, a clean menu, and a small retail section. Then up the stairs at the back is a small sitting area. Even the bathroom is quaint, located at the top of a steep staircase in the old Belfast style house.

KaffeO promotes a Hygge lifestyle, but sitting in the back cafe, I didn’t feel it. Up the front where the food and staff are, yes, absolutely I can feel the Hygge.

Not familiar with Hygge? It’s a traditionally Danish way of living, where all of life’s cozy comforts are celebrated: warm coffee, warm sweaters, cushy pillows, blankets, friendship, happiness… I could go on. I love Hygge.

The last time I was at KaffeO Botanic Avenue, I sat in the back corner with a good friend, having a lovely catch up…. To the sound of a mechanical drone. At times the drone was so loud it was hard to hear each other! And the wall behind us, where the kitchen is, was actually vibrating. So that definitely took a bit away from the atmosphere for me.

One other minor annoyance was that clearing tables was not high on the staff’s priority. There was a dirty tea strainer on our table the entire time we were there, and most tables around us were left dirty long after the patrons had left.

However! Saying that, these were the only negatives of any experience I’ve had at KaffeO.

Vegan Food

The food is really, truly delicious. They have a great menu! Breakfast has much better options if you are omni or veggie, rather than vegan, with the vegan options being limited to toast and almond butter. Both times I’ve been, I’ve gotten the sweet potato and black bean sandwich, once on open rye and once toasted and closed. And both times, it has been absolutely delicious!

They also have a few salad options and a soup or stew on which is usually vegan. I’ve had one of their salads and was very pleased with it! They have a few vegan sweet treats as well, though they don’t seem to be labelled so make sure you ASK! The last time I was in I shared an absolutely moreish chocolate brownie. It was exactly what I needed.

Artisan Coffee

Now, onto the main event! Their coffee is absolutely delightful. It is a really smooth blend and tastes great. I had two coffees with each visit and couldn’t fault it at all! Lattes come with two shots (absolutely essential!) and the flat white is just perfect.

almond flat white

There are two non-dairy milk options: soya and almond. I think for all of my coffees I opted for almond, as they make it so creamy and nutty tasting. I absolutely would drink their coffee anytime I’m up Botanic! It’s reasonably priced and they have also introduced a loyalty app, so they are going down the lower waste route too!

Recommendations to KaffeO Botanic Avenue would be to add a bit more cosy Hygge to the back and have a more substantial vegan brekkie option. And fix the drone! Other than that, keep up the good work, I’m sure to be back!

You can check out KaffeO for yourself!

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