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Linen & Latte is a coffee and gift shop in Glengormley, Northern Ireland. I’ve been hearing about it for literally months and was finally able to get to it when we had some visitors over from the United States.


The day we went, I was lucky to get parked right across the street from it. The outside is gorgeous. It looks like the kind of place you want to go to when the weather is good, you have puppers, or just want to brave the elements. As soon as you walk inside, there’s a small cafe front on your left, a larger retail shop to the right, and stairs to the seating area in front of you. We were welcomed by the owner.

linen & latte

We were among the first people there for breakfast that day and sat at a big table right beside the front window. There aren’t that many seats and tables available, 3 tables in the front room and not that many more in the back, so it is quite cosy. We were lucky we got there when we did as within 10 minutes the whole place was packed!

linen & latte

Vegan Food

There is table service and a young waitress served us. She was pleasant though told us pretty early on that she was fairly new. I asked if the fritters was vegan without the egg and was told that she would ask the chef and get them ordered for me if they were. The others in my party ordered non-vegan meals of which there were plenty.

Sadly, when their meals were served, I was told that the fritters were not vegan and was there something else on the menu I’d like. I was really disappointed about this; not because I had to order something else, that was fine, but because I was going to be left waiting for my food while my friends all tucked into theirs.

linen & latte

I ordered the beans on toast with added avocado. When it did arrive, it was beautifully presented and really tasty. The beans were homemade, definitely not out of a tin!, and had a really lovely, smokey flavour. The homemade bread and creamy avocado added to this to make a really delightful, delicious meal.

linen & latte


The soya latte I ordered did not disappoint. The milk was nicely steamed and there was not too much of the unpleasant soya foam that can sometimes come with a soya latte. The coffee was very smooth and easy to drink with no distinct flavour notes. The rest of the table drank their black coffees with vigour, all commenting how nice the blend was. Overall, a really pleasant latte that I would bring me back to Linen & Latte again.

linen & latte

Other Bits

Linen & Latte’s retail section is adorable and quirky. They stock handcrafts from many different local artists and craft makers. I was drawn particularly to the handmade cards, especially those from Itty Bitty Book Co, who I have a few prints from at home already. There were some gorgeous linen tops and lots of macrame around the place. It was very homey and comfortable and I wanted to buy pretty much everything there. Even the guys I was with found some beard kits to occupy their time while I took everything in.

linen & lattelinen & lattelinen & latte

You can check out Linen & Latte for yourself!

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