That’s awesome!

Podcasting is a great medium to create content that really resonates with your audience.

  • Like, how do you even start a podcast?
  • Will people want to hear what you talk about?
  • Should you have a co-host?
  • How do you even get your podcast out there!?

There’s a lot to a podcast, and if you’re not sure what you’re doing, muddling your way through can only get you so far….

It can take a long time.

Time that you might not want to waste.
Time that could be better spent actually creating your podcast.
And time that you’re using not connecting with your audience!

In this course, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to set up your podcast from start to launch and beyond.

From choosing a topic and branding your podcast to learning to edit, host and publish, this do-it-yourself course lets you take complete creative control without missing anything along the way. Because from personal experience, you allllways miss something when creating your first podcast!

You’ll also get some tips, tricks, and advice from current podcasters located all across the world, podcasting in all sorts of different niches. What they wish they knew before they started, what hasn’t worked, and what you shouldn’t do when starting your podcast.

The Basics (Out Now!)

What is a podcast?
Why should you podcast?
List of podcast terminology [[download]]

Your podcast 101 (Out Now!)

Your Podcast Workbook [[workbook]]
Creating a list of topics
What format should your podcast be?
Should you use a script?
What should your first episode be about?

Branding Your Podcast (Out Now!)

Naming Your podcast
Writing your podcast description
Podcast Artwork
Do you need a website?

The Production Process (Out Now!)

Podcast Equipment Guide [[instant download]]
Behind the scenes set-up and organisation to make your production process flow
Recording your podcast
Editing software
Editing your show
Tips to speed up the production process

Publishing Your Podcast (Out Now!)

How to choose a podcast host
What is an RSS feed?
Distributing Your Podcast

The Write Stuff (Out Now!)

How to title your podcast episodes
Writing your show notes
SEO & Keywords

Launching Your Podcast

Finding your audience
Social Media Presence
Creating your launch plan
Launch hype!

It’s Out There - Now What!?

Outsourcing options
Marketing your podcast
Using your podcast as a business marketing tool
Growing an email list
Engaging with your audience
Calls to action
Consistency Tips
Become a Stat Addict

Make Money with your Podcast

Ads and sponsors
Joining podcast networks
Tips & Donations
Affiliate Marketing
Podcast Merchandise

Tips from Experienced Podcasters

What not to do
What they wish they knew 

Bonuses: Downloadable Checklists, Factsheets & Workbooks

  • All the podcast jargon broken down
  • What equipment is the best for your purposes
  • A workbook to help you create the podcast you’ve always wanted to
  • “While You’re Recording” downloadable checklist

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to the course, including any updates, new modules, and other awesome additions.

When you pre-order The Podcast Course:

You get our ultimate THANKS for supporting The Podcast Course while it’s in production!

As a pre-order student, you get the course for almost half off the final price. Not only this, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to leave feedback on the course and impact any modules, both existing and future.

You’ll get immediate access to the Recommended Equipment guide!

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You can expect course material added regularly until all 10 modules are on the course platform.

As a BONUS for signing up for the beta round, you’ll receive a coupon for 50% off a one-on-one podcast consultation with Thankful Cow Solutions (RRP £150).