21st January 2018
Ricco’s, Copenhagen – An Honest Coffee Review
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Copenhagen has always been a bit of a special place for me. This is my third visit here, and during my last time, nearly 2 years ago, I discovered a wonderful coffee shop called Ricco’s around the corner from my friend’s house. Naturally, I had to go back this time and was happy that it was my first coffee stop of the trip. Ricco’s is actually a chain of Copenhagen based coffee shops, which I didn’t know before, but if they are all as welcoming, friendly, and delicious as the one in Amagerbro, it’s easy to see why they expanded.


Seeing Ricco’s was amazing and brought back happy memories of delicious coffee and warm pain au chocolat. It’s a simple design in a corner unit with ample bike parking and some outdoor seating. Stepping inside, we were greeted by a friendly man – the same man barista who was there when we visited last time. If the staff/owner remains the same for so long, they must have something great going for them, don’t you think?

Ricco's Ricco's

I took a second to decide what I wanted from the menu and was absolutely delighted to see that plante mælk was advertised and available for 5 Danish Kroner. I ordered a latte made with the non-dairy milk on offer and my heart got all aflutter when some Oatly oat milk was revealed. I knew good things were about to happen.

Vegan Food

Ricco’s have a small menu of food available, too, and though I didn’t have any, there were quite a few plant-based options available, including a beautiful looking superfood salad. I wish I was hungry so I could have eaten it. There’s also a range of fresh and pressed juice for sale. Definitely a good food choice for the health conscious among us.



What I like about Ricco’s is that even though it serves high quality specialty coffee, it’s accessible for everyone. As we sat there, people from all walks of life came in – older women coming in for a catch up, a young family, people working or studying. Not to mention the hipsters and self-certified coffee snobs (like myself). It is such a welcoming, delicious, cosy environment.

Ricco's Ricco's

This particular Ricco’s is pretty small but spans over 3 floors. There’s stools and high tables available at ground level and regular tables on the floor above. The lower floor is a small kitchen by the looks of it. The decor is very natural, plenty of plants, and quite funky. They have a small retail section as well, comprising their own specialty coffee beans, teas, local art books (which the owner featured on the cover – cool!), and some other random delights. Some children’s books were here, too, so your kids can be occupied while you drink and catch up over some of the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had.

Specialty Coffee

My latte arrived in a tall glass, similar to what I would drink juice out of at home. There was no latte art on my oat latte or on my partner’s cow’s milk one. Instead, the emphasis was put on the flavour of their home roasted beans and the texture of the milk.

And what a flavour it was.


The oat milk blended a smooth taste to a rich bean. Flavour undertones of vanilla and hazelnut were present. It was a really wonderful coffee to drink, though maybe a bit heavy on the foam for my liking, but the flavour was perfect.

Ricco’s, Sulsenholm

Bonus mini review: I went for a walk the next day and we ended up in another Ricco’s in Sulsenholm, near where my friend is moving to! So excited that I’ll be spoiled with another great coffee shop so close when I visit him in his new home.

Anyways, this Ricco’s was a lot larger than Amagerbro with a long bench down the side and a big sharing table. There’s also a large self-serve fridge section filled with salads and cold drinks.

Ricco's Ricco's

I ordered a cortado here with the vanilla soya milk (!!!) that was on offer. Obviously since a cortado is a short coffee, it was far stronger than the latte of the day before, but Ricco’s beans worked perfectly in a strong drink. The vanilla soya added a level of sweetness that made the coffee something I wanted to keep drinking. And then order more and more so that it never ended. Plus the crockery in Sulsenholm was super cute.

You can check out Ricco’s for yourself!

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