Rio Coco Cafe – Vero Beach, Florida

Rio Coco Cafe is a totally cool, unassuming coffee shop in Vero Beach, Florida. In fact, if we weren’t looking for it – I can tell you that I wouldn’t have known it was there.

rio coco cafe

How’d we come across it then? I was meeting up with one of my entrepreneur friends, Ben Perry, who lives in Orlando. Coming from Deerfield Beach, we were looking for a nice spot to meet up halfway and found this place online.

Pulled into the parking lot with my parents and Thom and we were all a bit confused and started expecting the worst. It’s definitely not what we pictured and not what I saw in the online pictures!

rio coco caferio coco caferio coco cafe

That is – until we stepped inside. Rio Coco Beans was incredible!! It had a very tropical feel, there were loads of pictures and knick-knacks on the walls, lots of places to sit, and friendly staff who greeted us immediately.

Vegan Food

We got there a bit before Ben did and planned to eat some lunch. The food was delicious. Every one of us enjoyed our meal. It was fresh and very lightly seasoned so the flavours of the fresh veggies were really apparent.

rio coco cafe

I had a rice bowl with peppers and onions with just a sprinkle of soy sauce. For something so simple, was it ever good! There were a couple other vegan options on the menu too, so quite a good selection. I was tempted by the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Community Outreach

So Rio Coco Beans is a pretty awesome little place! They’re directly connected with small, independent coffee roasters from all over the world and roast their beans right on site in batch amounts. All of the profits made from their Vero Beach location go back to Guatemala to fund the school the family run restaurant owns. How great is that?

rio coco cafe

The Coffee

Though Rio Coco Beans usually has almond milk, I overheard that they’d sold out just before I went to order. Good think I adore black coffee!!

rio coco cafe

I was lucky enough to try a pour over with beans from Papua New Guinea – it. was. delicious! Strong flavours of almond and toasted nut blended into a surprisingly refreshing brew. Pure delight to drink.

rio coco caferio coco cafe

Ben opted for a French Press with Guatemalan beans as he likes the way the oils release (and if you know Ben at all, you know he loves a good French Press!)

You can check out Rio Coco Cafe for yourself!

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