9th December 2017
5 Top Tips For Social Media Over The Holidays
Published by thankful cow solutions
Social Media Tips

It’s easy to believe that December is going to be a slow month. Businesses close for the holidays, people are busy, no one is going to worry about online marketing. 

This is simply not true! 

The truth is, December is the perfect time to ramp up your online marketing efforts because people are already in a spending mood! Your customer is already paying for presents, giving to charities, and setting their businesses up for the New Year’s push. 

Here’s my top tips HOW and WHY you should focus your social media strategy on the spirit of the season. 

1. Appeal to your customers emotions to make a sale
If you form an emotional connection, your customer market will think of your product as a member of their family. Think Apple, FitBit, Facebook. These are all products that have die hard followers – because they’ve marketed themselves as the best friend you didn’t know you needed. You can be that product, too – find your emotional side this holiday season. 

2. If you can, market your product to get your customers ready for the New Year
New year, new you. New Year’s resolutions. New year, new product. People LOVE new things so try to be relevant to that. 

3. Keep your prices the same but sweeten the deal
Throw in a wee something extra special for the holidays. Show your customers you care and that YOU’RE a giving person. Your customer will appreciate it and will likely reciprocate. 

4. Have FUN with your marketing campaign
I strongly believe this is something you should do year round, but the holidays are an extra special time to ramp up the cheese. Wear those ugly Christmas sweaters, dress up as Santa Claus, whatever you feel like doing to show your holiday spirit – do it. Your customers LOVE seeing the real, fun side of you and will definitely connect more with your business. 

5. Spread some holiday cheer
Maybe it’s the perfect time to have that giveaway you’ve been thinking about. Or what about making donations to your favourite charity for every sale you make? Buy one, get one for a friend. Give back to your customers or your community, trust me, the trade off will be worth it. 

So there you have it, my thoughts on why you should maintain, if not ramp up, your social media marketing over December. 

End your year strong! 


Amanda Sloan is a Social Media Strategist at Thankful Cow Solutions and a blogger at Bean & Backpack. She’s a lover of restaurants, coffee shops, and nutrition. You’ll find her talking and writing about social media, vegan food, travel, specialty coffee, and positive mindset.

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