Welcome to Episode Nine of Thankful Thoughts

A behind the scenes and community round-up of what’s going on in our heads, lives, and the wacky world of online business.

This week’s episode features:

  • Amanda went live every day in February talking about social media strategy for coffee shops and restaurants! We talk about how we BOTH felt about this 28 day adventure.

  • We invested in Sami Gardner’s course LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs and learned all the intricacies of using this business platform for networking – not just for resumes!

  • We did some actual in person networking this month! First, at IFEX Belfast this past week where we met some people in the restaurant, food, and coffee industries. We’ve also joined LeanIn Belfast – a not for profit organisation for women.
What have YOU been up to? Have you made any investments in yourself or done some fab networking? We’d love to know!

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